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A Death in the Family
Masterpiece Theatre A Death in the Family
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Viewing Strategies

A Death in the Family is 84 minutes long. For classroom viewing you may want to break the film into two or three segments.

Two Days
    Day 1
    From the opening to the scene in the Follett house when Mary tells her father not to wind the clock, then cries in his arms
    (about 40 minutes)

    Day 2
    From when Mary asks Andrew how Jay's body was found to the conclusion of the film
    (about 45 minutes)

Three Days
    Day 1
    From the opening to the scene when Mary talks to Rufus about his new cap and places it on top of the piano
    (about 30 minutes)

    Day 2
    From the scene with Jay driving home while singing to the time when the schoolboys walk away from Rufus as he repeats his father's name and his own
    (about 24 minutes)

    Day 3
    From when Mary lays out Jay's clothes for burial to the conclusion of the film
    (about 28 minutes)

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