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Scene Study

  • In the book what we know about Uncle Daniel is only from Edna Earle's point of view since the story is told entirely through her monologue. In the film version, some scenes only sketched in the novel are fully dramatized -- without Edna Earle's perspective. To compare and contrast the book, screenplay, and film, read the first four paragraphs of Chapter Two. Then, from videotape or in Novel to Film, view the scene where Uncle Daniel meets Bonnie Dee and asks her to marry him, which starts about 26 minutes into the film and ends at 28 minutes. You can also read an excerpt from the screenplay.

  • How true do you think the screenplay and the film are to Welty's book, Edna Earle's comedic voice, and the characters of Uncle Daniel and bonnie Dee Peacock in the expanded scenes? What do you think Eudora Welty would have said about the changes made by the filmmakers?

  • Choose a book you have recently read. What scene, only alluded to in the book, might you amplify if you were writing a film version? Why?

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