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The Ponder Heart Cast and Credits

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Peter MacNicol

Daniel Ponder
JoBeth Williams

Edna Earle Ponder
Angela Bettis

Bonnie Dee Peacock
Boyce Holleman

Sam Ponder
Jenifer Lewis

Narcissa Wingfield
Victor Slezak

Ovid Springer
Brent Spiner

Dorris Gladney
Lenny Von Dohlen

DeYancey Clanahan
Joanne Baron

Teacake Magee
Tracey Needham

Elsie Fleming
BJ Hopper

Judge Waite
Shari Schneider

Nathaniel Lee, Jr.

James Michael Bailey

Mr. Peacock
Judy Garwood

Mrs. Peacock
John Wilmot

Mr. Bodkin
Sam Sherrill

Judge Tip Clanahan
Loren Farmer

Dr. Ewbank
Brenda Varner Judin

Bernard Johnson

Big John
Jayrnee Vowell

Johnnie Ree Peacock
Emily Noble

Joseph Bonelli

Philip Tracy

Jury Foreman
Whitney Hennigan

Norma Cheeter
Andrew Libby


Production Credits

Based on the novel by Eudora Welty

Adapted by Gail Gilchriest

ProducersEarl Hamner, Don Sipes

Co-producersRonald Colby, Julie White

DirectorMartha Coolidge

Director of Photography Johnny Jensen, ASC

Production DesignerJames Spencer

Costume DesignerShelley Komarov

MusicVan Dyke Parks

Executive Producers for ALT FilmsMarian Rees
Anne Hopkins
Stephen Kulczycki

The Ponder Heart is a production of ALT Films for Masterpiece Theatre's American Collection. It was shot at various locations near Jackson, Mississippi, where Eudora Welty lived until her death on July 23, 2001.

The series of nine films in the American Collection are produced by WGBH Boston and ALT Films. Rebecca Eaton is the series executive producer. Major funding is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS.

Masterpiece Theatre's American Collection is closed captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers by The Caption Center at WGBH. A special narration track is added to the series by Descriptive Video Service® (DVS®), a service of WGBH to provide access to people who are blind or visually impaired. The DVS narration is available on the SAP channel of stereo TVs and VCRs.

WGBH is America's preeminent public broadcasting producer. More than one-third of PBS's prime-time lineup and companion Web content as well as many public radio favorites are produced by WGBH. The station is also a pioneer in educational multimedia and in access technologies for people with disabilities. For more information visit WGBH/Boston Online.

The Ponder Heart Web credits

Senior Producer
Louise Weber

Tyler Howe

Molly Frey, Senior Developer
Michael McCrary, Developer

Caitlin O'Neil, Producer
Jessica Cavano, Research Assistant
Keith Wagner, Editorial review

The WGBH Educational Foundation is the single largest producer of Web sites on PBS Online. WGBH Interactive creates Web sites, CD-ROMs and other multimedia projects that enhance the Foundation's broadcast and non-broadcast programs.

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