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Almost a Woman
Masterpiece Theatre Almost a Woman
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Puerto Ricans in America
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What is an American and how do you become one?

The immigrant experience in America is unique and universal. For Puerto Ricans, simultaneous citizens of the United States and "foreigners," being "American" is more complex than a simple question of birthplace. The conflict of being a part of cultures, the difficulty of sorting out identity, culture, heritage, religion, generational difference, and barriers of race, ethnicity and language are common themes contributing to the ease or difficulty with which these immigrants have become at home in the United States.

Here, three writers reflect on the themes raised by the Puerto Rican immigration story and by Santiago's Almost a Woman:

Sonia Nieto

Virginia Sánchez

Félix Matos

Essays + Interviews:
Puerto Ricans in America | Puerto Rican Poetry | Esmeralda Santiago

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