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Almost a Woman
Masterpiece Theatre Almost a Woman
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Puerto Ricans in America
English version | Versión en español
Three scholars of the Puerto Rican/American experience contemplate the themes of Almost a Woman

...Even though I was born in this country and have spent my entire life here, even though I was formed and educated and lead a productive professional life in the United States, when I am asked the inevitable question, "What are you?" I always answer "Puerto Rican." Why is it that for me being an American seems inherently to conflict with being a Puerto Rican?

Esmeralda Santiago
English version | Versión en español
More about the author.

"...Archie was my best friend. The thing that was great about Archie is that it had these bubbles with dialogue, where I actually could read the slang of my generation -- very clean slang, not like the slang that was being spoken on my street. I really looked forward to going to my cousin's house, because she had a subscription to Archie. To me the characters were real people. They were American kids..."

Puerto Rican poetry
Selections from three renowned Puerto Rican poets -- Judith Ortiz Cofer, Martin Espada and Sandra Maria Esteves.

...Being Puertorriqueña Dominicana
Born in the Bronx, not really jibara
Not really hablando bien
But yet, not Gringa either
Pero ni portorra, pero si portorra too
Pero ni que what am I?

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