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Almost a Woman
Masterpiece Theatre Almost a Woman
Teacher's Guide [imagemap with 8 links]

An Online Teacher's Guide for Almost A Woman

Teaching Almost A Woman
This teacher's guide offers questions and activities to help you use Almost a Woman in the classroom. Background information on Puerto Rico is provided, as well as before-and-after viewing questions and activities. Two sections deal with major themes of the film: identity in conflict and coming of age. The genre of memoir is discussed, as is the comparison of the book to the film. A section on resources includes a list of related Web sites, books, and films.

Welcome Letter from Esmeralda Santiago

In the Classroom
How to use this guide.

Viewing Strategies
Suggestions on how to divide the film into three viewing segments.

Plot Summary
An overview of the story.

Understanding Context
Activities to help students explore the history of Puerto Rico and its role in Esmeralda Santiago's story.

Before Viewing Questions
Discussion questions and activities to prepare students before they view the film.

After Viewing Questions
Questions and activities to explore the story and film.

Identity in Conflict
Activities and investigations that use poetry to help students examine one of the key themes of the film.

Coming of Age
Activities that examine Almost a Woman as a coming-of-age story

The Art of the Memoir
Activities that examine Almost a Woman as a memoir and encourage students to reflect on their own lives.

From Memoir to Film
Discussion questions and activities comparing and contrasting Almost A Woman in its different forms.

    Suggested books for students and teachers.

    Recommended Web sites for students and teachers.

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Off-Air Taping Rights
Educators may tape Almost a Woman and use it in the classroom for one year after broadcast.

Companion Books
When I Was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman by Esmeralda Santiago are available from Vintage Books.

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