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Leo Tolstoy

The Project Gutenberg etext of Reminiscences of Tolstoy
Reminiscences of Tolstoy, by his son, Count Ilya Tolstoy. A collection of essays originally published in 1914, translated by George Calderon. Includes excerpts from letters from father to son.

Tolstoy in Russian
This site is in Russian, though accessible to non-Russian scholars with the aid of an Internet translator such as Altavista's Babelfish. Its features include extensive imagery of Tolstoy's family and friends, short biographies of his children and other genealogical information, and excerpts from Tolstoy's personal writings.

Leo Tolstoy
Created by a Russian Studies graduate (Brigham Young University) and Tolstoy enthusiast, this site features an extensive photo gallery, a biography, and a comprehensive list of Tolstoy etexts, as well as other resources.

Tolstoy Biography
This biographical essay from Pegasos, a Finnish Literary Resources site, includes an explanation of his philosophical and religious principles, and the notable influence of his teachings.

Leo Tolstoy Speaks...
A vegetarian organization here reprints an excerpt from Tolstoy's essay "The First Step." A vegetarian himself, Tolstoy discusses his reasons for not eating meat.

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Anna Karenina and Other Works

Tolstoy at
Includes a searchable etext of Anna Karenina.

How Much Land Does a Man Need?
E-text of "How Much Land Does a Man Need?," a short story by Tolstoy. An ambitious peasant strikes out across Russia in search of property and prosperity. He makes a deal with a mysterious tribe, but when greed gets the best of him, he discovers just how much land any man ever needs.

Leo Tolstoy's Messages to Mankind
This site, from Physicians for Global Survival, Canada reprints several of Tolstoy's speeches and essays relating to nonviolence and "eternal values."

Tolstoy Gets More Child Friendly
This article, from The St. Petersburg Times (an English-language newspaper from St. Petersburg, Russia), covers the debate raging over the discovery of the so-called "original" manuscript of War and Peace, and the ripples its publication has made in the world of Russian literature. It discusses the differences between the newer "user-friendly" story and the classic version, originally published in 1873.

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Russian History

Russian History at Bucknell University
Bucknell University's Russian History department created this vast Web site, featuring numerous links. Among many resources, the site includes the family trees of the Russian dynasties, a history of the Russo-Jewish experience, historical Russian texts in English, and numerous essays, photographs, and links.

Tolstoy Studies Journal
A refereed annual put out by the Tolstoy Society of North America. This site includes literary criticism, essays, images of Leo Tolstoy, and other resources. Be sure to visit the "Yasnaya Polyana" link for an extensive photo gallery of Tolstoy's home.

Treasures of the Czars
A virtual tour of an exhibit, owned by the Moscow Kremlin Museums, and featuring 272 items from the reign of the Romanov czars, 1613 to 1917. This site also includes a timeline of Russian czars, from the 1600s through the 1900s, an education guide to the Romanov dynasty, and "Alphabet Borscht," an interactive primer on the Russian language. A useful resource for teachers/students. From the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times Online.

The Last Days of Tolstoy
In January 1911, Vladimir Chertkov, close friend and personal secretary of Leo Tolstoy, published his impressions of the great writer's death at Astapovo in a booklet entitled The Last Days of Leo Tolstoy, appearing here as an illustrated etext. The site also includes a Student's Memoir on the death of Tolstoy, photos of Tolstoy and Chertkov, and Tolstoy's complete bibliography, with original publication dates.

The Face of Russia
The Face of Russia, a three-part documentary series on Russia's cultural history, explores the tradition of iconography, the growth of Russian architecture, and the role traditional and new art forms play in influencing the country's political evolution. This Web site features more information about the series, a timeline of Russian history, and a Reference section. From PBS Online.

Russian History Home Page
This framed approach to accessing Russian historical etexts in English, allows selection of source documents by time period. This site is maintained by John Slatter, Russian Staff Researcher at the University of Durham, England.

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Tolstoy: Works and Criticism

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About Tolstoy and His Family

Asquith, Cynthia. Married to Tolstoy. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1961.

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Russian History

Chubarov, Alexer and Alexander Chubarov. The Fragile Empire: A History of Imperial Russia. London: Continuum International Publishing Group, 1999.

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Warnes, David. Chronicle of the Russian Tsars: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Russia. London: Thames & Hudson, 1999.

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