Any Human Heart

Logan's fortunes are looking up and he is pleased to securely provide for his wife Freya and his baby daughter Stella, as with the outbreak of World War II, Logan is recruited as a British spy by Ian Fleming. But before long, a mission separates him from his beloved Freya and Stella and pulls him into the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's Bahamian inner circle, a suffocating and, as it turns out, dangerous place. Another mission for Logan brings another separation, and this time Logan's luck runs out. As a prisoner of war in solitary isolation, the only thing worse than his imprisonment is his return home. Devastated by war and tragedy, Logan looks to America and New York City to begin anew.

By all appearances a great success, Logan cannot heal the wound that bisected his life. He says, "Your past never leaves comes back and grabs you by the throat." Drawn back to England for his dying mother, then welcomed by his glamorous new lover, Gloria Scabius, he is given another chance as a father — all this as Logan, the old grizzled man, finally opens a box from his past and must survive what he finds. So too must the middle-aged Logan survive another catastrophic blow.

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Blissfully watching his baby, Stella, Logan Montstuart is interrupted by his old friend Tess, who begs Logan to help her reconcile with her husband Peter. The ever-unfaithful Peter wants to leave her for someone else, and when Logan tries to intervene, Peter dismissively asks Logan to tell Tess that it's over. Shortly afterwards, Logan is called with Peter to the morgue to identify a corpse. It is Tess, who has taken her own life.

At home, Logan struggles unsuccessfully to write amidst baby Stella's cries. When Ian Fleming tries to recruit Logan to naval intelligence, impressed with his war reporting, the intelligence officer conveys that war is imminent. As Logan walks with son Lionel through London, men stack sandbags around buildings. As Logan plays with Stella, the radio in the background outlines the proper use of gas masks. Suddenly church bells chime in unison. Britain is at war.

Logan, suited up in his Royal Navy uniform, is working writing propaganda. Before long, Fleming has a new mission for him: a post in Portugal to convince the troublesome Duke of Windsor to leave harm's way. This Logan accomplishes with ease, letting the Duke win at golf. The Duchess is pleased.

Old Logan pries an old photo out of a frame. It is a formal photo, signed, of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. He stares at it intently.

Fortunes have changed again for Logan's old university friends. Forced to flee Paris, Ben has escaped with nothing but his life. But the package that Logan picked up for his executed friend Faustino contained five paintings by Joan Miro, and he gives them all to Ben to take to America to start a new gallery. Meanwhile, Peter, a successful mystery writer, has written a confessional book about Tess entitled Guilt. As London is bombed, Logan and Freya try to appear jolly for Stella. Logan invokes his father's maxim, "It's all luck in the end."

A top-secret new mission from Fleming sends Logan to the Bahamas for surveillance of the Duke of Windsor, who is suspected of illegal trading and currency speculation. But the monotonous, absurd life of golf and cocktails and filing pointless government reports leaves him stifled and bereft of Freya. Then the millionaire entrepreneur and developer Sir Harry Oakes is murdered, and the Duke and Duchess import private detectives from America to solve the case. When the corrupt investigators tamper with evidence to frame Oakes' son-in-law, Logan refuses to cooperate and is viciously expelled by the Duke and Duchess, who hisses "Judas!" at him as he leaves. Home with Freya and Stella, weeping with happiness, Logan is in possession of a dangerous secret.

Old Logan hurls his golf clubs into the raging bonfire, laughing. Next to go in are the contents of a box: clippings, photos, then the box itself. But a list of girls' names is left. He considers it, then throws it into the fire.

Logan's next mission has him training to parachute into Switzerland posing as a Uruguayan shipbroker luring escaping Nazis. While it looks as though the Germans will lose the war, Freya is worried about Logan. And indeed, Logan's mission has been inexplicably compromised — he is captured almost immediately and taken prisoner where his claims to be a British citizen are ignored. Held in solitary confinement for over a year, he desperately clings to his sanity by thinking of Freya and Stella, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor whom he suspects set him up.

In his study, Old Logan sighs heavily at the stack of boxes marked Property of Melville Road — 1945. He holds a list of names.

When he is finally released in 1945, the war is over. But he returns home to find a stranger living in his house. Freya and Stella, he learns, were killed by a V2 rocket. Destroyed, broken, Logan rummages through the bombed rubble and finds Freya's diamond brooch. He sits in the rubble and wails.

Ten years later, Logan is living in Manhattan, director at Ben's New York gallery and married to Allanah. But the marriage is a cold one, not helped by Logan's copious drinking or his visits with a psychiatrist whom he's been seeing because of a failed suicide attempt. His mother's death takes him to London, and a chance run-in with Peter and his glamorous third wife, Gloria, reveals an ever-greater pomposity in Peter and an instant sexual chemistry with Gloria. She slips Logan her number and they plan a fling in Capri.

Old Logan pulls a package out of a box. It is a white knitted baby sweater and booties, tags still on.

Gloria will never leave Peter and Logan is glad of it. But Logan's marriage is in shambles and Allanah divorces him. He is almost indifferent.

Reading a letter which Freya wrote but never sent, Old Logan learns that Freya had been pregnant with, she was convinced, another girl. He imagines a bomb blast and sobs.

A divorced, healthier Logan is surprised at the gallery by a visitor, "Leo." It is his son Lionel, who has changed his name and is living in New York, performing with his band. Logan is also reunited with the now ex-Mrs. Peter Scabius. She invites Logan and Lionel to be her guest at a party at the Italian Consulate. There, they bump into the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Logan moves toward the hateful Duchess. She has him thrown out, but he has the last laugh as he shouts "Who killed Sir Harry Oakes," triggering a paparazzi frenzy.

But the laughter ends when he receives a call from Lionel's girlfriend — his son has overdosed.

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