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Program Title
The Yellow Wallpaper

Based On
The short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Adapted By
Maggie Wadey

Number of Episodes:

Charlotte is a young wife suffering from what Victorian doctors termed "nervous fatigue". Her physician-husband, John, takes her to a strange country house he rented to help her recover. A strongly creative woman, Charlotte is desperate to work, primarily to write, but her husband will have none of it. He insists her cure lies in doing nothing. Confined to a top-floor room, Charlotte begins to be obsessed by its wallpaper. It's a stickly yellow color that both fascinates and disgusts her as she lies in bed and tries to trace its intricate patterns. Descending rapidly into insanity, she thinks she sees the figure of a woman behind the paper, trapped behind the bars in the paper's design. Slowly but surely the wallpaper's tortuous pattern finds its way into her mind until she finally comes face-to-face with the woman who has been haunting her.

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Stephen D (now
Julia D Watson
Dorothy Tutin
Carolyn D Pickles


Producer: Sarah Curtis
Director: John Clive

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