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Program Title
The Final Cut

Based On
The novel by Michael Hobbs

Adapted By
Andrew Davies

1 2

Francis Urquhart is back! And his plans are looking good: by broking peace between the Greek and Turkish sides on Cyprus, he should leave himself in an ideal position to set up the International Urquhart Foundation, a mighty organization that will bear his name for posterity and provide for his retirement. Party to secret information on submarine oil seams, Urquhart will use his influence to settle the final sea boundary dispute between the opposing sides--and, of course, make himself a handsome profit in the process. But then things gradually start to disintegrate. The past he left dead and buried on Cyprus as a young man threatens to re-emerge as war documents are released, while at home a new generation of Tories are jockeying for power. Tom Makepeace, his Foreign Secretary, looks like the most likely successor. So why does Makepeace's mistress suddenly apply to work in Urquhart's office and swear undying loyalty to him? Whose side is she on? For the first time in his political career, Urquhart finds himself entangled in a political web of his own making. Desperate to hold on to his job, Urquhart precipitates a tragedy in Cyprus which soon spirals out of his control. He is left facing defeat and utter disgrace. But he is Francis Urquhart and he's been there before--surely he will find some way to claw his way back and out-manoevre his enemies once again...

Episodes: 1 2

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