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Program Title
The Peacock Spring

Episode Title
Part 2

Episode number:
1 2

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Peter Egan Edward
Hattie Morahan Una
Jennifer Hall Alix
Laura Barneby Hal
Naveen Andrews Ravi Battacharya
Madhur Jaffrey Lady Srinevasan

Executive Producer: Phillippa Giles
Producer: Sophie Balhetchet, Glenn Wilhide
Director: Christopher Morahan

THE PEACOCK SPRING/Episode 2/Intro by Russell Baker

Last time, we saw fifteen-year-old Una, fresh out from England and largely ignorant of India, beginning a love affair with the precocious young poet, Ravi Bettacharia.

Trouble is obviously ahead. Poet or not, Ravi is a lowly assistant gardener on the estate of Una's father, Sir Edward.

He's a high-level diplomat and travels in the best society. The idea of his daughter being the lover of a Hindu gardener would be shocking to him -- if he knew about it.

So far he does not know about it. Ravi may work in his garden, but Sir Edward doesn't know he exists.

Sir Edward is too caught up in a love affair of his own to notice what's going on around him.

He has fallen passionately in love with a New Delhi beauty named Alix. Her social credentials are not the best either.

Alix's past is faintly scandalous, her education is not as fancy as she makes it out to be, and she has a loud and garrulous mother with a passion for top-quality Scotch.

Never mind. Sir Edward is obsessed with Alix. To make her a permanent live-in member of his household, he's hired her as governess to his daughters.

This leads to resentment, then hostility between Alix and Una. The hostility has now turned to violence, with a furious Alix beating Una with her riding whip.

Last time we saw Una -- miserable, lonely, abused and full of resentment for her father -- go to Ravi's hut desperately in need of comfort…and love.

Now, concluding episode, The Peacock Spring.

Episode number: 1 2

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