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Program Title

Episode Title
Part 1

Episode number:
1 2 3

Owen Springer applies for a surgeons job and must be evaluated by management consultant Anna Fairley, who Owen claims is the sexiest woman he has ever met. Her verdict: thumbs down. He gets the job anyway and soon discovers that she is his bosss wife. With a helpful push or two, fate intervenes to bring them together

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Robson Green Owen Springer
Francesca Annis Anna Fairley
Michael Kitchen Richard Crane
David Bradley Arnold Springer
Daniela Nardini Vivien Reid
Conor Mullen John McGinley
Julian Rhind-Tutt Danny Glassman
Margery Mason Myrtle Fairley
Kathryn Hunt Irma
Kathryn Pogson Phyllis
Debra Stephenson Michelle
David Boyce Dr. Pall
Jeremy Turner-Welch Brian
Verity Hewlitt Corrine
Mark Lindley Frederick
Michael Wardle Sergeant Sefton
Malcolm Raeburn Mr. Penman
Peter Martin Malcolm Crossley
Nicholas Blane Rodney Ferris

Executive Producer: Carolyn Reynolds
Producer: Sita Williams
Director: Sarah Harding, David Richards

RECKLESS/Episode 1/Intro by Russell Baker

Tonight we begin something quite different from our usual presentation.

At first you may think it's going to be a story of tender family relationships.

Then you're aware that a comedy is in progress.

Then it suddenly seems like a suspense story about an unlikely love affair that may have explosive consequences.

Then everything swerves into farce.

And all this in just the first two-hour installment. There are two more to come.

A word of caution to anybody who's looking for high literary entertainment or moral uplift: Reckless is the kind of show you watch purely for the sheer fun of it. It often seems to be a satire about the havoc the telephone spreads through modern life.

The England seen here is a land where everybody -- well, everybody but our hero -- has a cell phone at the ready -- and will use it at the slightest provocation.

Alexander Graham Bell, what have you done to us!?

Reckless, First Episode.

Episode number: 1 2 3

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