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Program Title

Episode Title
Part 2

Episode number:
1 2 3

Owens boss, Dr. Richard Crane, is thrown out of the house when Anna discovers his infidelity. How she finds out, he does not know. She, in turn, takes a lover in revenge. Who, he does not know. Could his underling Owen be involved? Impossible

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Robson Green Owen Springer
Francesca Annis Anna Fairley
Michael Kitchen Richard Crane
David Bradley Arnold Springer
Daniela Nardini Vivien Reid
Conor Mullen John McGinley
Julian Rhind-Tutt Danny Glassman

RECKLESS/Episode 2/Intro by Russell Baker

The setting is Manchester, and our three main characters are Owen Springer, a cheeky young doctor, Richard Crane, an older doctor who's cheating on his wife, and his wife Anna. Springer falls head-over-heels in love with Anna before learning she's married to Crane.

This is a dangerous thing for Springer to do, since Crane is his boss and can ruin his career.

Anna loves her husband too much to become interested in young Owen Springer, and he is apparently doomed to be disappointed in love.

Then, a twist of fate -- Springer discovers that upright Doctor Crane, supposedly attending a conference in the Netherlands, is weekending in a London hotel with another woman. Springer uses a devious scheme to make Anna discover the awful truth.

Saying that Anna is outraged understates the case. She phones Springer and invites him to a hotel for a night of love. Dr. Crane, fearing his marriage is ruined, hires a London taxi for an all-night ride back to Manchester hoping to save his marriage…but not knowing how to do it. Now, second episode, Reckless.

Episode number: 1 2 3

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