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Program Title

Episode Title
Part 3

Episode number:
1 2 3

A hospital investigation is launched into a brawl involving Owen and his boss, Richard, who now hate each other. Anna files for divorce from Richard, but also rejects Owen when she discovers an act of betrayal. Can either of them win her back? The final move is hers

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Robson Green Owen Springer
Francesca Annis Anna Fairley
Michael Kitchen Richard Crane
David Bradley Arnold Springer
Daniela Nardini Vivien Reid
Conor Mullen John McGinley
Julian Rhind-Tutt Danny Glassman

RECKLESS/Episode 3/Intro by Russell Baker

"Reckless" is the right word for Anna Crane and her husband Richard. They're playing with emotional dynamite.

Their long marriage has gone stale -- may have been stale from the beginning. He's a successful surgeon and she's a successful businesswoman. They've been so busy succeeding that they have no children.

Their story began when Doctor Crane was caught in bed with another woman.

His wife, Anna, was shattered, then outraged. To take revenge on her husband, she flings herself into a passionate affair with another man. Not just any other man, but a surgeon on her husband's staff.

And a very young man to boot. Anna is, as the saying goes, a woman of a certain age. The childbearing years are behind her…Her new lover is about thirty. In spite of the age difference, he insists he is deeply in love with her.

But is he? Can passion between an older woman and a young man endure?

The young man is Owen Springer. And his boss, Doctor Crane, didn't much like him to begin with. For one thing, Owen comes from a working-class background. This makes him a social pariah in Crane's view.

Since discovering that Owen is his wife's lover, Doctor Crane's distaste has become uncontrollable jealous hatred. Last time we saw the two of them, like schoolboys, trying to beat each other senseless in a fistfight. The police have stepped in, and hauled both of them away in the paddy wagon. Now, final episode, Reckless.

Episode number: 1 2 3

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