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Program Title
Far From the Madding Crowd

Episode number:
1 2

Sergeant Troy captivates Bathesheba with his charm, wit and his flamboyant sword exercise. Gabriel, knowing of Troys affair with Fanny Robin, warns Bathesheba to be more discreet towards Troy. Bathesheba writes to Boldwood to tell him she cannot marry him. Boldwood pleads with her to reconsider and tries to bribe Troy to marry Fanny. But Bathesheba and Troy have already secretly married. Their relationship quickly sours and when they meet Fanny Robin on the road Bathshebas suspicions of Troys unfaithfulness are aroused. Bathesheba learns of Fannys death in childbirth in the workhouse. Troy admits the child is his, and devastated with grief, hurls himself into the sea. Believing him dead, Bathsheba finally agrees to marry Boldwood but Troy returns and is shot dead by Boldwood who goes to prison. Gabriel, now the owner of Boldwoods farm, announces he is going to America. The prospect of losing Gabriel makes Bathesheba realise it is he she loves and they marry

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Nathaniel Parker
Nigel Terry
Jonathan Firth
Paloma Baeza
Linda Spurrier
Elizabeth Estensen
Natasha Little
Linda Bassett
Rhys Morgan
Andy Robb
Phillip Joseph
Gwynn Beech
Sean Gilder
Tracey Keating
Kevin Kibbey
Robin Soans
Reginald Callcott
John Boswall
Luke Redbond
Sarah Tansey
Victoria Alcock
Neil Caple
Charles Simon

Episode number: 1 2

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