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Program Title
Goodnight Mister Tom

Based On
The book by Michelle Magorian

Adapted By
Brian Finch

Number of Episodes:

Set in World War II, the story features John Thaw as Tom Oakley, a cantankerous old man exiled from thelife of the local village. When Tom is landed with an 11-year old evacuee from London, a bond develops between them which becomes so strong that, when William is summoned back to London, Tom is forced to act to save the child from the nightmare that awaits him.

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
John Thaw Tom Oakley
Nick Robinson William Beech
Annabelle Apsion Mrs. Beech
Geoffrey Hutchings Ralph Briggs
Charles Kay Mr. Greenway
William Armstrong Dr. Stelton
Mossie Smith Mrs. Fletcher
Avril Elgar Mrs. Ford
Denyse Alexander Mrs. Little
Mary Healy Gladys Rigby
Geoffrey Beevers Vicar
John Cater Dr. Little
Marlene Sidaway Mrs. Webster
Pauline Turner Annie Hartridge
Caroline Lintott Nurse Green

Executive Producer: Lewis Rudd, Ted Childs
Producer: Chris Burt
Director: Jack Gold

GOODNIGHT, MISTER TOM/Intro by Russell Baker

When World War Two began, great numbers of children were moved out of London. The idea was to provide them with safe havens from possible German military attack on the city.

Most were evacuated to more rustic communities unlikely to be bombed.

Some were even sent across the Atlantic to Canada and the United States.

You can imagine the culture shock: Children separated from their parents and dropped down into strange new communities so different from the city world in which they had been growing up.

It was just as unsettling to the grown-ups who took them in.

"Goodnight Mister Tom," is about that cultural shock.

This film version is adapted from an immensely popular British novel by Michelle Magorian. Those familiar with Inspector Morse on Public Television's "Mystery" series will recognize the short-tempered Morse behind the full growth of beard he's cultivated for this role.

His real name is not Morse, but John Thaw, one of England's most admired actors. Tonight, as Mister Tom, he seems almost as irascible as Morse -- but considerably more likeable -- at least to small children.

And now, Goodnight, Mister Tom.

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