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Program Title
Poldark, II

Based On
The novels of Winston Graham

Adapted By
Alexander Baron, John Wiles, Martin Worth

Number of Episodes:

Seven months have passed since Trenwith was burnt to the ground by starving rioters and Ross saved the lives of George and Elizabeth Warleggan, then newly married; seven months since Ross rejoined his regiment and Dwight Enys joined the Navy. The war against the French is still being fought but Ross is no longer part of it. Owing to recurring bouts of Marsh Fever, Ross has had to be invalided out of the Army. His reunion with Demelza is rapturous but his homecoming is marred by some disturbing facts...

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Robin Ellis Ross Poldark
Angharad Rees Demelza
Jill Townsend Elizabeth Warleggan
Ralph Bates George Warleggan
Eileen Way Agatha Poldark
Michael Cadman Dr. Dwight Enys
Judy Geeson Caroline Enys
Norma Streader
Christopher Biggins Rev. Osborne Whitworth
Jane Wymark Morwenna
David Delve Sam Carne
Kevin McNally Drake Carne
Julie D Cole Rowella Solway
Brian Stirner
Stefan Gates Geoffrey Charles Poldark (age 12)
Richard Gibson Geoffrey Charles Poldark (age 15)
Mary Wimbush
Wendy Williams
Paul Curran
Preston Lockwood
Malcolm Tierney
Trudie Styler
Forbes Collins
John Robertson
Hilary Minster
Gertan Klauber
Tim Barlow
Mark Eden
John Baskomb.


Producer: Tony Coburn, Richard Beyon
Director: Roger Jenkins, Philip Dudley

POLDARK II/Episode 1/Intro by Alistair Cooke Good evening, I'm Alistair Cooke.

Tonight we begin a second series of Poldark. It's something, I think, that neither the producers nor the author anticipated when they put on the first one. So for once it can be truthfully said that they yielded to and were delighted by the popular demand. Winston Graham, the author, a modest man, was and he was amazed by this success as anybody. His novels had always had a loyal following of Poldark aficionados, but their exposure on television made millions of people see them as a kind of romantic, or a classic, along the lines of Ivanhoe or The Prisoner of Zenda.

Now let me remind you where we've been and where we are. Our hero, Captain Ross Poldark, had been having a very unprofitable time with his one remaining copper mine, and an even rougher time with his perpetual enemy, George Warleggan. Poldark had hopes of a new find, but it turned out to be Fool's Copper. And all he had left was a thousand-pound bond at the bank. Then he heard that the Warleggans had bought it and were about to foreclose. And in this penniless moment an anonymous client came through, advanced enough money to settle all the Poldark debts and to re-open the remaining mines.

So for the moment anyway Poldark is freed from the financial stranglehold of the Warleggans. It is now 1791 and Britain is not yet at war with France, but Poldark decided to join his old regiment, said farewell to Demelza, and goes off to fight a kind of guerilla skirmish against the French Revolutionary Army. And that's where we come in.

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