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Emilie Le Breton (Lillie), a beautiful country teen-age tomboy, has her first humiliating taste of London society. When she returns to the pastoral comfort of her home on the Isle of Jersey, where her father is church Dean, she falls in love with a young fisherman. But the discovery of the boys real identity is traumatic, and Lillie, seizing the first opportunity to leave Jersey, marries Edward Langtry, a rich yachtsman literally blown into her life by a fierce storm in the Channel. She hopes she has found passage to London

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Francesca Annis Lillie Langtry
Denis Lill Prince of Wales (Bertie)/King Edward VII
Anton Rodgers Edward Langtry
Jennie Linden Patsy Cornwallis-West
John Castle Prince Louis of Battenberg
Michael Shannon Freddie Gebhard
Peter Egan Oscar Wilde
Ann Firbank Princess Alexandra (Alix)
Annette Crosbie Henrietta Labouchere
David Gwillim Arthur Jones
Brian Deacon Frank Miles
Cheryl Campbell Sarah Bernhardt
Patrick Holt Dean Le Breton
Peggy A Wood. Mrs. Le Breton
Adam Bareham Clement Le Breton
Alan Rowe Alan Rowe
Timothy Kightley Alfred Ellis
Don Fellows J. M. Whistler
Desmond Llewelyn Lord Dudley
Derek Smith King Leopold
David Dixon Prince Leopold
Jeffrey Wickham Lord Hartington
Philip York Moreton Frewen
Patrick Ryecart Crown Prince Rudolph
Catherine Feller Dominique
Sheila Reid Queen Victoria
John Phillips W. E. Gladstone
Basil Hoskins J. E. Millais
Malcolm Tierney Lord Charles Beresford
Anthony Ainley Lord Carrington
Vernon Dobtcheff George Lewis
Peter Birrel Adolphus Rosenberg
Pauline Jameson Mrs. Bancroft
Toria Fuller Clara Frewen
Stephanie Cole Agnes Langtry
Nicholas Jones Squire Abington
David Healy Diamond Jim Brady
Bruce Montague Charles Coghlan
Simon Shepherd Lord Alfred Douglas (Bosie)
Philip Voss Edward Carson
James Warwick Hugo de Bath
Joanna David Jeanne Marie (adult)
Richard Kay Charles Hawtrey
Deborah Watling. Georgia Reed

Executive Producer: Tony Wharmby
Producer: Jack Williams
Director: Christopher Hodson, John Gorrie, Tony Wharmby

Lillie/Emillie/Intro by Alistair Cooke

Good evening, I'm Alistair Cooke.

A few years ago a publisher friend of mine got the idea of putting out a book based on a series of taped conversations with Bing Crosby. And one day he called me, very excited. He said, I've got a tremendous title; it's going to be called ‘My Friends Call Me Bing.' I suggested to him that it contained four words too many, because in the entire world, there was only one Bing. Well, tonight we're starting a new series, which was done by the producing company that gave us Upstairs/Downstairs. It's a romantic, historical drama about the last thirty years or so of Victorian England and it's called simply Lillie. Now if anyone had put out a book a hundred years ago, even without the global publicity of the movies, television, and radio--people in London and Chicago and Scotland and Texas would have known exactly who it was about. This is because throughout the 1870s and the 1880s and until the turn of the century, there was only one Lillie. It was a name as magical and recognizable everywhere as, in our time, the name of Garbo.

She was Lily Langtry whose favors as they used to say in those days, were served by a king, at least three princes, innumerable peers, actors, musicians, writers, and financiers. Yet like all great courtesans, her origins were modest and intensely respectable. She was the daughter of a Church of England clergyman, in fact the Dean of Jersey--the island in the English Channel where she was born in 1853. Her father was one of those impeccable English clerics of upper-class education and very scant middle-class means.

His daughter was christened Emilie Charlotte Le Breton. (By the way Jersey has ancient connections with France, and is bilingual). Now she hated these given names and from childhood was called Lilly. She was the only girl among six brothers; and in the usual defensive way of a lone daughter battling a household of callow males, she became one of the boys, climbing rocks and riding horses, and handling boats--the whole tomboy routine. But in a scholarly household she had the advantage of her brother's tutors, and kept up with them, in fact sometimes ahead of them, with the classics, music, drawing, French, and German. We come in on her in 1868 when she was fifteen, by the Atlantic rollers that wash the West Coast of the island of Jersey.

Episode one, Lillie.

Episode number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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