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Program Title
Winston Churchill - the Wilderness Years

Based On
The biography by Martin Gilbert

Number of Episodes:

In 1929, the Tory party lost the General Election, costing Winston Churchill his post as Chancellor of the Exchequer (the #2 post in the British government). Already 55, he was nearly broke thanks to the Wall Street crash, ostracized by his own political party and discredited by his colleagues, not least of all because of his constant warnings that Hitler must be stopped, long before the beginning of World War II. Maneuvered out of the limelight and banished into a political wilderness, he believed his public career was over. Yet he survived and his wilderness years were among the most dramatic and crucial of his life. The mini-series spans Churchill's years from his loss of office in 1929 until his triumphant but somber return to the political and public spotlight at the outbreak of World War II.

Original broadcast date

Cast Characters
Robert Hardy Winston Churchill
Sian Phillips Clementine
Nigel Havers Randolph Churchill
Eric Porter Neville Chamberlain
Sam Wanamaker Baruch
Edward Woodward Hoare
Peter Barkworth Stanley Baldwin
Peter Vaughan
Paul Freeman
Tim Pigott-Smith Brendan Bracken
Chole Salaman
Tamsin Murray-Leach
David Swift Professor Lindemann
Robert James
Andrew Bicknell
Clare Shaw
David Markham
Phil Brown
Stratford Johns
Sherrie Hewson
Malcolm Mudie
Frank Middlemass Lord Derby
Tony Mathews
Marcella Markham
Derek Smith
Terence Rigby
John Woodnutt
Llewellyn Rees
Edward Jewesbury
Norman Jones
Geoffrey Chater
David Calder
Katherine Levy
Christopher Benjamin
Diane Fletcher
Moray Watson Desmond Morton
Ian Collier
James Cossins
Patricia Hodge
Nigel Stock
Preston Lockwood
Frederick Jaeger
Jeremy Child
Norman Bird
Osmond Bullock.

Executive Producer: Mark Shivas
Producer: Richard Broke
Director: Ferdinand Fairfax

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