Masterpiece Theatre: The Choir

Cast and Production Credits

Cast   (in order of appearance throughout series)

Hugh Cavendish: James Fox
Alexander Troy: David Warner
Felicitv Troy: Jane Asher
Bridget Cavendish: Richenda Carey
Leo Beckford: Nicholas Farrell
Sallv Ashworth: Cathryn Harrison
Robert Young: John Standing
Frank Ashworth: Peter Vaughn
Henry, Ashworth: Anthony Way
Iathe Cavendish: Claire Cox
Nicholas Elliot: Oliver Milburn
Cosmo Cavendish: Richard Keen
Headmaster, The King's School: Peter Lacey

Production Credits

Executive Producer: Phillippa Giles
Producer: Peter Cregeen
Director: Ferdinand Fairfax
Dramatist: Ian Curteis
Production Designer: George Kyriakides

Costume Designer: Christine RawIins
Director of Photography: Brian Tufano
Film Editor: Dave King
Composer: Stanislas Syrewicz
Art Director: Anthea West

THE CHOIR is a production of the BBC presented on PBS by WGBH Boston.

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