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Teaching Henry V

Viewing Strategies
Includes a student viewing guide with a plot summary and discussion of major themes

Discussion and Activities
Offers before- and after-viewing discussion topics and activity suggestions

After-Viewing Activities
Suggests ideas for culminating activities after viewing the series, focusing on themes such as war, character and development and language in the play.

The Literary Context of Henry V
Explains how the play fits into Shakespeare's historical tetralogy examining royalty and the cost of war.

A Word from Kenneth Branagh
The acclaimed actor and director traces his love of Shakespeare back to an inspired high school teacher.

Looking at Film
Provides discussion and activity suggestions focusing on the film adaptation process, to help students become more critical viewers and thinkers.

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Teacher's Guide:
Viewing Strategies | Discussion and Activities | After-Viewing Activities
The Literary Context of Henry V | A Word from Kenneth Branagh
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