Masterpiece Theatre: Interview Day

Cast and Production Credits

Cast   (in order of appearance throughout series)

Shani Whittle: Maureen Lipman
Bevis Whittle: David Ross
Neil Whittle: Benedict Sandiford
Hugh Lloyd: Tom Wilkinson
Harriet Lloyd: Anna Carteret
Pippa Lloyd: Laura Howard
Simon Poole: James Fleet
James Poole: Sir Alec Guinness
Mrs. Judd: Kathryn Pogson
Malcolm Judd : Grant Warnock
Bobbie: Pippa Hinchley
Miss Wilding: Susannah Wise
Rosemary's Dad: Laurie Ventry
Rosemary: Kathy Kiera Clarke
Mother Polly: Lila Kaye
Miss Bodley: Cheryl Fergison
1st Cabbie: Brian Parr
2nd Cabbie: Mike Carnell
Roadsweeper: Robert Putt
Madame Olga: Gillian Barge
Interviewee: Shaun Chawdhary

Production Credits

Director: Piers Haggard
Producer: Ann Scott
Executive Producer: Tessa Ross
Writer: Jack Rosenthal
Casting Director: Joyce Nettles
Director of Photography: Michael Coulter BSC
Art Director: Julie Sheppard
Production Designer: Martyn Hebert
Costume Designer: Barbara Kidd
Composer: Dominic Muldowney
Make-Up: Christine Beveridge
Sound Mixer: Colin Charles
Editor: Michael Parker

Interview Day is a Greenpoint Films Production for the BBC in association with WGBH Boston.

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