Masterpiece Theatre: Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders: Part One (2 hours)

Sunday, May 16 at 9pm
(check local listings)

Moll Flanders, born in Newgate prison and handed over to gypsies, is taken into the Mayor of Colchester's household where she falls for her first love, who foists her onto his brother and into a loveless marriage when difficulties arise in their affair. After his death, Moll marries a tradesman who absconds to France when the funds run out. She then nabs a sea captain (husband number three) who spirits her off to his Virginia plantation until she learns a shocking family secret and returns to England alone.

Moll Flanders: Part Two (2 hours)

Sunday, May 23 at 9pm
(check local listings)

Moll, who is back in England interviewing for husband number four, passes herself off as a wealthy widow to the handsome Jemmy - the love of her life- who quickly proposes. But after the wedding they part when Moll learns Jemmy is as big an impostor as she; he has no money and is a highwayman. After husband number five dies, Moll is forced to a life of crime until her capture and return to Newgate prison. Will she and Jemmy ever meet again? Is she headed to the gallows?

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