Masterpiece Theatre: Nostromo

Cast and Production Credits

Cast   (in order of appearance throughout series)

Nostromo (Claudio Amendola) The mysterious and charismatic chief of dockworkers in Costaguana's port city of Sulaco. An Italian emigré, he heroically saves his adopted country yet cannot save himself from a tragic flaw.

Charles Gould (Colin Firth--Pride and Prejudice, The English Patient) The young, enigmatic Englishman who owns the San Tome silver mine. He willingly sacrifices everything for his precious metal.

Emilia Gould (Serena Scott Thomas--Nash Bridges, Diana-Her True Story) The idealistic wife of Charles Gould, capable of stirring strong emotions in the men who enter her life--all, it seems, except her husband.

Doctor Monygham (Albert Finney--Tom Jones) A disillusioned Irish doctor, a loner whose views on Sulaco life are disfigured by alcoholism and the torture he suffered during an earlier rebellion.

Don Jose Avellanos (Fernando Hilbeck) A member of one of the oldest and most distinguished Spanish families in Costaguana. His liberal ideals are cruelly dashed by revolution.

Antonia Avellanos (Ruth Gabriel) Don Jose's daughter, a proud woman torn between two suitors, the Parisian intellectual Decoud and the cold-blooded Colonel Sotillo, governor of Sulaco.

Joshua C. Holroyd (Brian Dennehy--Jack Reed television movies, Cocoon) The American tycoon who finances the San Tome silver mine and devoutly idealizes his own greed.

Martin Decoud (Lothaire Bluteau--Black Robe) Intellectual dandy, gunrunner and editor of the patriotic local newspaper. He is indifferent to corruption and revolution but ready to die for love.

Giorgio Viola (Arnoldo Foa') The aging owner of the Sulaco Inn. An uncompromising freedom-lover, he dwells on his heroic past when he fought with Giuseppe Garibaldi to unite Italy.

Teresa Viola (Claudia Cardinale--Pink Panther) Giorgio's wife, the indomitable innkeeper who dotes on her compatriot Nostromo, confiding only in him her deepest secret.

Linda Viola (Stefania Montorsi) The elder Viola daughter, who carries a torch for the handsome Nostromo--but finds it unexpectedly extinguished.

Giselle Viola (Romina Mondello) The younger teenaged daughter of the Viola clan. Flirtatious and beautiful, she dreams of what she can't have and pursues it with a vengeance.

Colonel Sotillo (Joaquim De Almeida--Clear and Present Danger) The governor of Sulaco. Ruthless, greedy and cruel, he is lured to a terrible fate by the treasure he covets.

Captain Mitchell (Paul Brooke--Return of the Jedi) Superintendent of the Sulaco Navigation Company, fiercely proud to have "our man" Nostromo at his disposal.

Pedro Montero (Roberto Escobar) The opportunistic brother of a rebellious general, who finds a novel way to skim the treasure.

Ramirez (Xavier Burbano) Nostromo's successor as head of the dockworkers, and his rival for the affections of Giselle Viola.

General Barrios (Ismael E. Carlo) An officer with a black silk eye-patch and an anachronistic sense of loyalty.

Major Don Pepe (Emiliano Diez) A trusty ex-military man.

Father Corbelan (Nelson E. Guerrero) The liberationist priest of the people.

President Ribiera (Ubaldo Enriquez) The likable but tragically ineffectual head of state.

Hirsch (Allan Corduner) A hide merchant who unwittingly knows both too much and too little about the treasure of the mine.

Hernandez (Mario E. Sanchez) A flashy bandit who rules the countryside around Sulaco.

Production Credits

Executive producer: Michael Wearing
Producers: Alastair Reid (Tales of the City, Traffik)
Director: David Drury
Screenplay: John Hale (Anne of a Thousand Days)
Music: Ennio Morricone (The Mission, Once Upon a Time in the West)

Nostromo is a PIXIT production for BBC Television and WGBH Boston in association with RAI Italy and TVE Spain.

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