Masterpiece Theatre: Rebecca

Cast and Production Credits

Cast   (in order of appearance throughout series)

Charles Dance: Maxim de Winter
Jonathan Stokes: Robert
Diana Rigg: Mrs. Danvers
John Horsley: Frith
Emilia Fox: Mrs. de Winter
John Branwell: Ben
Faye Dunaway: Mrs. Van Hopper
Ian McDiarmid: Coroner
Jonathan Cake: Jack Favell
Kelly Reilly: Clarice
Tom Chadbon: Frank Crawley
Patrick Romer: Harbourmaster
Geraldine James: Beatrice
Robin Soans: Tabb
Anthony Bate: Colonel Julyan
Zulema Dene: Tudor Lady
Timothy West: Dr. Baker
David Webb: Nelson
Lucy Cohu: Rebecca
Michael Wynne: Napoleon

Production Credits

Executive Producer Carlton: Jonathan Powell
Executive Producer Portman: Tim Buxton
Executive Producer WGBH: Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Tele-münchen: Rikolt Von Gagern
Producer: Hilary Heath
Director: Jim O'Brien
Screenplay: Arthur Hopcraft

Rebecca is a Portman, Carlton, and WGBH co-production in association with Germany's Tele-münchen.

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