Masterpiece Theatre:  A Royal Scandal

A Royal Scandal

Sunday, July 26, 1998
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Described by USA Today as a "delicious treat," A Royal Scandal is the true story of a royal marriage foundering on the rocks of adultery and deceit 200 years ago. The protagonists of this stormy union are the Prince and Princess of Wales, in this case the future King George IV of England (Richard E. Grant) and his strong-willed Teutonic bride, Caroline of Brunswick (Susan Lynch). Suavely narrated by Ian Richardson, who played the delightfully wicked Prime Minister Francis Urquhart in The House of Cards trilogy on Masterpiece Theatre, A Royal Scandal is scrupulously faithful to the historical record, drawing dialogue from actual documents and correspondence. Viewers will not fail to notice that it's also uncannily similar to the more recent history of a certain royal household.

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