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The Burns Archive

Helia Harrison with a bust of
George Washington, ca. 1855.
Photographer: Gabriel Harrison
Daguerreotype. Gift of Clara L. Harrison
Courtesy George Eastman House
The Photography Collection at George Eastman House includes more than 400,000 photographs and negatives dating from the invention of photography to the present day. The collection embraces numerous landmark processes, objects of great rarity, and monuments of art history that trace the evolution of the medium as a technology, as a means of scientific and historical documentation, and as one of the most potent and accessible means of personal expression of the modern era. More than 8,000 photographers are represented in the collection, including virtually all the major figures in the history of the medium. The collection includes original vintage works produced by every process and printing medium employed.

Post-mortem portrait, ca. 1855.
Photographer: unidentified
Daguerreotype with applied color.
Gift of Donald Weber.
Courtesy George Eastman House
A current exhibition, Inside out: 50 years of collecting, explores the intertwining pursuits of collecting photography and collecting the world through the photographic and moving image. The exhibition examines the personal pursuit of collecting through ubiquitous objects such as the family photo album, snapshot, and postcard, as well as those photographic pursuits that are culturally informed by science, reportage, and art.

Mexican photo-sculpture, ca. 1950.
Photographer: unidentified
Museum purchase with Ford Motor Company Funds.
Courtesy George Eastman House

Woman looking at tintype portraits, ca. 1870.
Photographer: unknown
Tintype with decorative paper mat.
Museum collections.
Courtesy George Eastman House
Woman at sign at summit of Pikes Peak, ca. 1940.
Frank F. Bunker
Gelatin silver print stereograph.
Museum purchase, Richmond W. Strong collection.
Courtesy George Eastman House


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