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The Hulton Getty Picture Collection
Grand Central Light, Photographed by Hal Morey, circa 1930. Courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection.

Grand Central Light
Photographer: Hal Morey, circa 1930
Courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection

The Hulton Getty Picture Collection is one of the world's great libraries of photography and photojournalism. An archive collection containing 19th and 20th century photography, it is both an historical resource and a research tool. The cornerstone of Hulton Getty is the Picture Post collection which embodies the art of social documentary and features the work of pioneering photojournalists. The collection features the broadest selection of historical and contemporary subjects: every conceivable act of man and his relationship with his environment.
Stephen Poliakoff (writer/director of Shooting the Past) visited Hulton Getty early in 1997... He was amazed by what he saw and learned during his visit -- the sheer range and diversity of the collection as well as the company's intriguing history since its formation in the 1930s. Hulton Getty licensed over 600 images to Talkback Productions (producer of the award-winning drama), and also supplied over 14,000 prints as props for the stage sets together with a vast array of related photo-library ephemera -- the smallest detail was not overlooked...

Matthew Butson,
General Manager

Skinny Dippers. Photographer: unidentified. 1926. Courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection.

Skinny Dippers
Photographer: unidentified, 1926
Courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection

Taylor Reclines. Photographer: Baron, 1954. And:  Peter Pan, Photographer: unidentified, 1915. Both images courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection. Taylor Reclines
Photographer: Baron, 1954
Courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection

Peter Pan
Photographer: unidentified, 1915
Courtesy Hulton Getty Picture Collection

The photographic a message without a code, said French critic Ronald Barthes, 1915-1980


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