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Production Notes:
Joe Sowerbutts and Grace Robinson as the Children


Joe Sowerbutts makes his television debut in the role of Miles -- one of the two children whose souls are being corrupted by ghosts at the haunted mansion in The Turn of the Screw. Joe's first taste of life in front of the cameras got him hooked; now he wants to make acting his career.

The eldest of four children, eleven-year-old Joe is following in his mum's footsteps. Julia Joseph gave up acting when Joe was born, followed by his brothers Theo, nine, Troy, seven and two year old sister Cressi. Joe's dad, Kevin is a lawyer.

"I have always wanted to act, and I was really excited when I won this role," says Joe, who lives with his family in London. "I didn't find the filming scary, and I liked the actor who played Quint, he wasn't spooky at all. I remember mum telling me when she played Betty in The Crucible she had to pretend to be scared, and scream as loud as she could. She was more concerned about screaming loudly than being frightened. That is how it felt when I was filming The Turn of the Screw. I was concentrating so much on getting every thing right there wasn't time to be frightened of the story."

Since filming Joe has been to two auditions -- one for the Harry Potter film, and one for a film starring Nicole Kidman. He is waiting to hear the results.

Meanwhile he has been concentrating on his school work, and his hobbies- playing the cello and the piano, rugby and football.


Grace Robinson has decided she wants to be a Hollywood actress after making her television debut, as the angelic looking Flora in The Turn of the Screw.

"I was going to be a missionary when I left school, but after filming The Turn of the Screw, I want to be a Hollywood actress. And if that doesn't work out I will be a vet!" says nine year old Grace.

"It was very exciting on the film set. I loved dressing up in the costumes. I don't wear dresses much at home, I prefer trousers. Everybody was very kind to me, and I didn't feel scared once. The only thing that worried me was that I had to say ‘you bitch'. I know it's a naughty word, I just hope my teachers won't hear me saying it."

Away from the film set Grace enjoys rollerblading and cycling. She plays the clarinet, violin, and is on her school netball, swimming and gymnastics teams.

Grace lives in London with her mum, Sheila, a teacher and her 12-year-old brother Jack.

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