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Airing: Sunday, February 27, 2000
9 to 10:30pm
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The Turn of the Screw, Henry James' gripping ghost story, tells the chilling tale of a governess hired by a charming bachelor to look after his young niece and nephew. The story unfolds Victorian England, in a grand mansion in the rural countryside, where sinister events place lives in jeopardy.

The naïve young governess is charmed by her employer and is determined to make a success of her first appointment, despite his strange stipulation that she never contact him.

Her impressions are all good -- the house is beautiful, the children are charming, and the job is a perfect delight. But then she sees the ghosts of the former valet, Peter Quint, and a previous governess, Miss Jessel. She becomes convinced that the children can see them as well and communicate with them, and that their souls are in danger. She feels that she alone can save them. The stage is set for a battle of good and evil.

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