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Production Notes

This is one of the great ghost stories, and one of Henry James' finest achievements. By combining a ghost story with a deep psychological story of a young woman, James created an amazing world for his story -- a story, which has tremendous power to inspire fear and fascination. We've tried to be faithful to James' intentions to grip the audience with a powerful ghost story and use it to explore a young woman's dilemma.

I first read the book many years ago at university -- where I even directed a student theatre production -- so it's been a story I have come back to over the years. I wanted to make a television film of The Turn of the Screw as it seemed a tremendous way to introduce a large audience to this exceptional story. I am delighted to have been able to bring together such a distinguished cast, crew, writer and director for this exciting film. I hope the film's twists and turns will appeal to a wide audience.

Producer Martin Pope

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