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Bertie and Elizabeth
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Royal Love Exposed!
Love is never easy. When you're a royal, the potential for intrigue is limitless.

"Days after their marriage, Napoleon left to command the French army near Italy. Throughout the following months, he begged Joséphine to join him in Milan for their honeymoon, penning passionate letters to his wife that often remained unanswered. When Napoleon began to hear rumors that Joséphine was being unfaithful, his letters became all the more passionate."

The Windsors
A family tree that traces the British royal family's roots.

"Until Edward VIII abdicated, his younger brother Bertie was not expected to succeed to the throne....He developed a serious stutter as a young boy which caused him difficulty and embarrassment and which he fought to conquer throughout his life. Adding insult to injury, his siblings were apparently allowed to ridicule his speech."

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