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Bertie and Elizabeth
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Memorial Sites For The Queen Mother

HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother: The Official Memorial Site
Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, peacefully passed away in her sleep on Saturday, March 30, 2002, at home in Windsor. She was 101. Here, the Official Web site of the British Monarchy pays tribute to The Queen Mother and her remarkable life. After ten days of national mourning, she will be interred on Tuesday, April 9, beside King George VI in the King George VI Memorial Chapel. Her daughter, HRH The Princess Margaret, who died February 9, will be laid to rest beside her. As information becomes available, the site will be updated with the latest news. You may write a message of condolence in the online condolence book.

Guardian Unlimited: Special Report: The Queen Mother, 1900-2002
With the Queen Mother's passing, Britain has lost a symbol of strength and unity that has persevered for over 80 years. The Guardian chronicles a nation in mourning and remembers The Queen Mother through essays, a photo gallery, quotations, and more.

BBC News: The Queen Mother
The BBC celebrates a life that spanned the 20th century with a memorial photo essay and multimedia tributes (video features require RealPlayer). Pay your respects at the online tributes page or read comments from other visitors, and keep up-to-date with the latest news and schedule information.

The New York Times Online: Britain's Beloved Queen Mum Dies at 101
A heartfelt tribute detailing the life and times of England's beloved grand dame, affectionately known at home and abroad as "The Queen Mum."

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Bertie & Elizabeth

History of the Monarchy: The House of Windsor : George VI
The last Emperor of India and the first British monarch to visit the United States had expected to be neither. Thrust onto the throne when his brother, Edward VIII, abdicated to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson, Bertie earned the respect and admiration of his subjects as King George VI.

The Muse of the Monarchy: King George VI, Role Model
The Muse of the Monarchy, a column in The Unofficial British Royal Family Pages, addressed King George VI's life and legacy on March 9, 2001. Ill-prepared for power at the time of his brother's abdication, Bertie overcame an image of weakness to prove himself a dedicated and compassionate ruler and an important influence on his daughter, the present Queen Elizabeth II.

Glamis Castle, Scotland: Childhood home of the Queen Mother
Glamis Castle's official Web site offers an account of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's life there as a child before her marriage to the Duke of York. Choose "Elizabeth of Glamis" from the pull-down menu.

Time Europe: Time Trail: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
This Web exclusive from Time Europe presents the story of the Queen Mother's life, highlighted by links to archival articles dating as far back as 1925.

Guardian Unlimited: Special Reports: The Queen Mother
The Guardian's biography of the Queen Mother is organized around the four phases of her life: as Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon; the Duchess of York; Queen Elizabeth; and Queen Mother. For selected events, the biography is hyper-annotated to outside Web sites that provide greater context and information.

CNN Specials: The Queen Mother
CNN honored the Queen Mother with this interactive celebration of her 100th birthday. Explore features covering the century of change the Queen Mother witnessed, and test your knowledge of her life and interests. A biography covers her childhood and marriage, her time on the throne, her love of racing, and how she came to be "the nation's favourite grandmother."

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The Abdication of Edward III

History Channel: Speeches
Listen to Edward VIII's announcement of his abdication, delivered at Windsor Castle on December 11, 1936. The first English monarch to voluntarily renounce the throne, Edward VIII was forced to choose between love and duty -- and chose to stay true to his engagement to Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American socialite in the midst of her second divorce. They would marry six months later.

The 1936 Abdication Crisis
The release of new papers in March 2000 have made accessible important new evidence about the 1936 abdication crisis -- and the apparent fight to prevent it altogether. Ten boxes from the archive of Sir Walter Monckton, confidante to King Edward VIII, were released, but it was decided at the last minute to keep an 11th box private until 2037 (the 100-year maximum allowed by British law), possibly to protect the Queen Mother from unflattering exposure. Letters from Wallis Simpson were included among the papers: one requesting that a wax sculpture of her be removed from Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum; another private note announcing her intention to abandon her relationship with the King -- a much stronger statement than the one she publicly released just three days before the abdication. Also, read the touching abdication speech the Prime Minister would not allow.

King Edward VIII Abdicates to Marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson
Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson have been alternately vilified and admired; some thought it scandalous that a King would choose an American divorcée over the throne and characterized Simpson as a conniving woman with a lust for power. But to others it was an inspiring, romantic story, where true love triumphed over politics. This account of their saga is presented with an even hand, detailing the first circumstances of their relationship that culminated with Edward VIII's abdication and their sad exile from Great Britain.

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The Official Web Site of the British Monarchy
Ever wonder about the Queen's working day? What is the basis for succession? Who was the first "King of the English"? The Official Web Site of the British Monarchy can answer all your questions. Catch up on all the latest news; brush up on your royal history (family trees and profiles are offered for nearly all the English and Scottish Monarchs); and discover nearly a millennium of art and architecture. Includes a section just for kids.

Royal Insight
Royal Insight is a monthly guide to the life and work of Britain's Royal Family. Take a visual tour of royal engagements through snapshots, check the diary for current royal engagements, submit your questions to Royal Insight, and read past issues or search the archive.

The World of Royalty
More than 29 countries are ruled by monarchies today. For information on royal families throughout the world, turn to the World of Royalty. From ancient Egypt to modern British royalty, find stories of myth, mystery, romance, and reality from around the globe.

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Royal Romance

Lifetime Online: Royal Weddings Homepage
The Web companion to Weddings of a Lifetime Presents: Royal Weddings focuses on royal love stories from around the world. Includes tales of Queen Elizabeth II's courtship by Prince Philip; Charles and Diana's expectations; the wedding ceremony of Japan's Crown Prince; the fairy tale weddings of American brides; and today's eligible royal bachelors.

Napoleon: Napoleon and Josephine
Napoleon, a PBS series charting the rise and fall of the great French ruler, includes this account of Napoleon and Josephine's tumultuous relationship includes many excerpts from his numerous love letters.

Treasures of the World: The Taj Mahal
Treasures of the World, a PBS series that traced six great cultural treasures epitomizing the beauty and artistry of their era, included the Taj Mahal. Read more about the love story behind the most perfect building in the world.

Royal Wedding in Monaco, April 19, 1956
Photographs of Grace Kelly's wedding to King Rainier of Monaco.

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A Regal Century: The Queen Mother's Style
From her flamboyant hats to her palette of demure pastels, the Queen Mother's style was consistent, yet timeless. And after more than 75 years in the public gaze, her fashion sense became, in a sense, a metaphor for the stability of the monarchy. Suzie Menkes was trained in dress design in Paris and now serves as Fashion Editor for The International Herald Tribune.

Kensington Palace: The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection
The Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection at Kensington Palace dates from the 18th to late 20th century and includes court dress, dress worn for ceremonial roles, and dress belonging to the Royal Family. An essay describing the history of the collection and trends of official fashion is illustrated by several photographs.

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