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The Best of Masterpiece Theatre
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The Best of Masterpiece Theatre
Airing Sunday, December 2, 2007 on PBS
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Aired previously March 2007

Stellar cast. Gripping story. Superb direction. Sumptuous costumes, sets, locations... These criteria describe so many of the hundreds of programs that have aired on Masterpiece Theatre since its debut in 1971 that selecting the "top twelve" may seem like an impossible job...

But in The Best of Masterpiece Theatre, host Derek Jacobi presents the best-loved programs of 35 seasons, as selected by viewers in a nationwide survey.

Joining Sir Derek and enhancing glorious clips from past productions are some of Masterpiece Theatre's best-loved stars, including Helen Mirren, Hugh Laurie, Diana Rigg, Jean Marsh, Robson Green, Charles Dance, Damian Lewis, Gemma Jones, and Alex Kingston, reminiscing about their roles and paying enthusiastic tribute to their own favorite actors, writers, and dramas.

The 90-minute special unfolds in three acts, presenting a countdown to the Number One choice. Classic series like I, Claudius and Jewel in the Crown may seem like shoo-ins for the list, but just where do they fit into the viewers' rankings?

"You can expect a few surprises," says the program's executive producer, Darcy Corcoran. "The surveys revealed strong support for several very worthy productions that usually fly a bit under the radar."

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