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Bleak House
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An Interview with Andrew Davies
King of the adapters Andrew Davies talks about tackling his biggest project to date -- Masterpiece Theatre's epic miniseries Bleak House -- and admits Dickens' labyrinthine plotting has almost got the better of him.

"...Plotwise it's a nightmare. It is so convoluted and keeps spinning off into subplots. My main concern was to keep focused on the central plot..."

The Victorian World
Things were different in Dickens' day -- these factlets will help explain.

...London was also very dirty -- the result of tons of horse manure, dirt and dust from unpaved streets and sewage and factory pollutants. Pool notes that "every major street had a crossing sweeper like Jo in Bleak House, who for a penny swept the street before you made your way across it on rainy days so your boots did not become impossibly filthy."

Who Was Charles Dickens?
His life, his work and how they intertwined...

Two days after Charles turned 12, his father was thrown into Marshalsea Debtor's Prison. Charles was already working at the Warren Blacking Company, pasting labels on bottles of shoe polish; he'd left school at age 10 to help support the family. Now he was on his own...

Stay Tuned for our Next Episode... The Rise of the Killer Serial
The serial bestseller -- Dickens set the standard. Was it the Victorian equivalent of prime-time television?

Dickens... unlike his predecessors, wrote his serialized novels on the fly, beginning their publication before the outcome was clear in his mind. "I am quite satisfied that no one can have heard what I mean to do with the different characters in the end," he wrote about Oliver Twist in the middle of its run. "At present, I don't quite know myself."

Dickens and Masterpiece Theatre
An overview of Masterpiece Theatre Online's wealth of resources about Dickens and his work.

Almost from the beginning Charles Dickens has had a place of honor at the Masterpiece Theatre table.

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