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Bleak House
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Bleak House

Bleak House e-text
A searchable text of Bleak House catalogued by the Dickens Project at the University of California/Santa Cruz.

Bleak House etext
A Project Gutenberg e-text of Bleak House. Various formats are downloadable.

The Sour Smell of Success: Bleak House as a primary source
This article, written by an economic historian at the University of Cambridge, considers what can be learned from Dickens's firsthand observations of social conditions in the slums of nineteenth century London. Through a close examination of the novel this article examines the authenticity of Dickens' account of social conditions and the power it had in highlighting the need for reform.

Trial by Fire: Dickens, Drink and Spontaneous Combustion
This article, written by an affiliate of the University of London English Department, details the historical, cultural, and scientific factors that influenced Dickens's choice to write about spontaneous human combustion. It considers the authenticity of scientific resources Dickens used to write this depiction of Krook's death in Bleak House.

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Charles Dickens

This PBS site is a companion to a three-part documentary series about the life and career of Charles Dickens. It provides scholarly essays about the celebrated author, lets you test your knowledge of Dickens and explore his city and find links and bibliographic information about Dickens.

The Dickens Project at the University of California/Santa Cruz
The Dickens Project site is the Web presence for the world's leading center for Dickens studies. It is home to Dickens SearchWorks, a keyword-searchable archive of Dickens' writings. (Currently, only Bleak House is cataloged.) Other online resources include a Dickens biography, teacher guides, and information about Dickens study clubs, or "fellowships," around the world.

Discovering Dickens
Stanford University has sought to renew the shared excitement of discovering the novels of Dickens by organizing a project to read them in serial installments, just as they were published and read in the author's time. The site includes illustrations, maps, keys, and glossaries.

Mitsuharu Matsuoka's Charles Dickens Page
This English-language site at Nagoya University in Japan includes links to e-texts of Dickens' works, critical essays, reader's guides, and a bibliography. Some destinations (notably, a Dickens discussion board) require a Japanese browser.

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page
Since its debut in 1997, this site, from a Dickens aficionado, has won notice from assorted British and American organizations; several school, curriculum and teacher resource portals link to it.

Charles Dickens
A comprehensive site with links to memoirs by Dickens' children, and other sites devoted to his works. There are some illustrations and a few critical essays. This page was published independently by Ritva Raesmaa, a librarian at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Charles Dickens Gad's Hill Place
A fun site that provides online games, quotations, and fun facts about Dickens' life and works. The site is designed and maintained by Perry Web Consulting as a demonstration of their services. The site has earned recognition from several design organizations.

George Cruikshank: Images on the Internet
This switchboard page in the online Artcyclopedia links to many sites that display the art of George Cruikshank, Dickens' most familiar illustrator.

A Charles Dickens Journal
An extensive exploration of Dickens' life presented as a year-by-year biography starting in 1812 and concluding in 1870. This independently published site received the Britannica Internet Guide Award and has been a favorite of Dickens scholars.

Dickens's Manuscripts
This site details how a collection of Dickens manuscripts was restored by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The restoration project covers a range of 33 years of Dickens' writing, with Oliver Twist the earliest (1837-1839) and The Mystery of Edwin Drood still unfinished (1870). Read how curators discovered cancelled text and correction slips sealed in the original manuscripts.

Dickens at Project Gutenberg
Dickens works available through Project Gutenberg include:
  • Barnaby Rudge: a tale of the Riots of 'eighty
  • Bleak House
  • David Copperfield
  • Lamplighter, a farce in one act, The
  • Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices
  • Little Dorrit
  • Martin Chuzzlewit
  • Mudfog and Other Sketches
  • Nicholas Nickleby
  • Oliver Twist
  • Our Mutual Friend
  • Sketches of Young Couples
  • Sketches of Young Gentlemen
  • Sunday Under Three Heads
  • To Be Read at Dusk
  • Uncommercial Traveller, The

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The Victorian Era

The Victorian Web
Created in 1985 by Professor George P. Landow and hosted at Brown University, the Victorian Web is a resource for all the English literature courses at Brown that tap the period. Its content addresses the social, literary and economic tenor of the times. It is searchable, and includes both a bibliography and a list of additional Web resources.

British Social Policy, 1601 - 1948
A comprehensive chronicle of the British Poor Laws starting with the Elizabethan poor laws of 1601 and continuing on through modern social policies of the 1940s. This site provides helpful background information on the 1834 Poor Laws and Public Health Acts of the Victorian period.

Greenwood's Map of London, 1827
Greenwood's map of London is a authentic, high-resolution map of London from 1827. It offers a list of place names -- many of which appear in Bleak House -- which link directly to a detailed panel on the map. The site was created by Bath Spa University College.

Reynolds' Map of London
This detailed map, in high-resolution color, depicts London in 1859. The site is maintained by UCLA School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology.

The Victorian Dictionary
This online dictionary was created and is maintained by Lee Jackson, author of historical thrillers about the Victorian Era. As an introductory resource, this site offers brief references and definitions on a variety of topics from Victorian architecture to Victorian criminal slang.

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About Charles Dickens

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