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You love to read and watch movies. Why not combine your passion for both with a Masterpiece Book & Film Club? Gather with friends — in a library, at home, in a café — to talk about books, films, costumes, actors, and more.

A Masterpiece Book & Film Club combines the appeal of a book club with the opportunity be a film critic. It's also a great way to get to know people in a new town or to meet like-minded people. Best of all, it's fun!

We have provided all the tools you need for your Book & Film Club, including the NEW Book and Film Club Handbook (PDF), plus guides with discussion questions, background info, activities, and even recipes. (If you're an educator, don't forget to check out over 30 Masterpiece Teacher's Guides.)

To learn exactly when Masterpiece airs on your local station, use the PBS Station Finder to localize your visits to PBS Online and the Masterpiece website.


Masterpiece Book & Film Club Handbook pdf

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Creating a MASTERPIECE Book & Film Club pdf
Exploring Literature and Film pdf
Resources pdf
Credits pdf

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