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Giacomo Casanova

Casanova Research Page : Dickinson College
Presented by a professor of Italian at Dickinson College (Pennsylvania), the Casanova Research Page is a resource for the general public and for scholars interested in the Venetian adventurer and autobiographer Giacomo Casanova. The site includes a timeline of Casanova's life, a list of his published works, articles, and a forum.

Project Gutenberg: The Complete Memoirs of Casanova
Project Gutenberg etext of The Complete Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt 1725 - 1798, Volumes 1 - 30. Also includes quotes and images from the memoirs and selected quotes from other works by Casanova. Available online or download to your computer.

The Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt: The University of Adelaide Library
Presented by The University of Adelaide Library, this etext is the 1894 London edition of Casanova's Memoirs and includes an Appendix and Supplement. It is translated by Arthur Machen and includes chapters discovered by Arthur Symons.

Casanova: History of My Escape from the Prisons of the Republic of Venice Called the Leads
A translation of Casanova's History of My Escape from the Prisons of the Republic of Venice Called the Leads written at Dux in Bohemia in the year 1787. Translated from an original edition in French and annotated by John M. Friedberg, M.D.

Radio Prague: Casanova: The World-Class Lover...
An interview with Jakub Mracek and tour through the Chateau Duchcov (or "Dux") in Bohemia. Read the transcript or listen in RealPlayer. Accompanying photographic illustrations include Casanova's bedroom and study, and the chair in which he died.

NPR: All Things Considered
Michele Norris's February 2006 conversation with Dutch author Arthur Japin about his novel In Lucia's Eyes, based on the story of a woman named Lucia, one woman who Casanova may have loved. Listen to the interview in RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.

Pegasos Books and Writers: Giacomo Casanova
Pegasos, a literature resource site from Finland presents an overview of Casanova's life and offers extensive literature related resources including published and unpublished works by Casanova himself.

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