Case Histories: Episode 2

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While jogging along a beach, Edinburgh private investigator Jackson Brodie spots a lifeless woman in the water surrounded by pink cards. Brodie thrashes through the waves towards her as childhood memories of his own sister's water tragedy overtake him. As he turns the woman over, her distinctly Eastern Orthodox earrings dangling in the water, Brodie has unexpectedly waded into his next case.

Shaken but back on solid ground, Brodie, along with crime novelist Martin Canning, witness a horrifying act of road rage. Canning seems more confident in his fictional world than the real one, and incessantly begs Brodie to protect him given that Canning has witnessed this crime. But is Brodie the real one next in line for a violent end?

Meanwhile, Gloria Hatter sits at the hospital absorbing the news that her husband Graham is in a coma, and incomprehensibly, was with his dominatrix when it happened. But that's not even the most shocking secret that Gloria with the help of Brodie will unearth about her husband.

Brodie races to resolve the cases while also facing the poignant truth that he may not be able to protect and keep close to his own daughter forever. Based on the novel One Good Turn by acclaimed writer Kate Atkinson, Case Histories stars Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter films) as Jackson Brodie.

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