Case Histories: Episode 3

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Private investigator Jackson Brodie is on a stakeout. Not exactly high stakes, but for Gary Moore, the photographs provided by Brodie will offer proof of his wife Michelle's infidelity. Returning home through the Scottish countryside, Brodie's car stalls, leaving him to be sideswiped by an old woman he must soon protect from an oncoming train — but not in time to save himself.

In the hospital, Brodie meets his savior — young Reggie, a precocious girl who rescued him and is now eager to have her good deed repaid. Reggie is the nanny for Dr. Joanna Hunter, whose husband Neil has abruptly announced that she's gone to see family. But Reggie recalls Joanna had no family, arousing suspicion and Reggie's youthful inquisition. Intrigued himself but not entirely convinced, Brodie delves into the case.

The mystery surrounding Joanna Hunter soon deepens, even connecting to a long-ago crime. Meanwhile, the obsessive Gary Moore is unmoved by Brodie's other commitments — escalating both words and actions related to his wife's behavior.

Past and present collide in an explosive conclusion, one that causes Brodie to reevaluate his life and make a surprising declaration. Based on the novel When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson, Case Histories stars Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter films) as Jackson Brodie.

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