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The Cazalets
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Elizabeth Jane Howard

A Novelist I Love
Andrew Brown, a freelance writer for The Independent, lauds Howard's way with language and the believability of her character development. This review was written just after the publication of Marking Time, the second novel in Howard's tetralogy about the Cazalet family.

The Age: Kingsley and I
The dissolution of the high-profile marriage of of Elizabeth Jane Howard and Kingsley Amis surely ranks as one of the most bitter. After nearly two decades of biting public humiliation, Howard began work on her autobiography last year. Readers of Melbourne's The Age got a sneak-peek at her side of the story in the 5 June 5 2000 issue.

Elizabeth Jane Howard
This adaptation of an article by David Howard, published in the August 1989 issue of Book and Magazine Collector (U.K.), discusses Elizabeth Jane Howard's life and literary style while recommending her collectibility as a modern female author.

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English Society

Debrett's -- Over Two Centuries of British Tradition
A well-recognized and respected authority on the British way of life, Debrett's offers links to modern etiquette tips, the correct forms of addressing royals, an extensive section on royal connections featuring biographic profiles, a tour of royal Britain, and a complete list of those stores and businesses approved by the Crown. See if anyone in British society shares your birthday. Planning a trip to the UK? See which hotels and restaurants Debrett's recommends, and check the events calendar by season.

Burke's Peerage
For almost 200 years, Burke's Peerage has been a leading authority on ancestry, aristocracy, and history. Though you might need to be aristocracy to afford their services, the Peerage will assist in tracing the ancestry of those of European descent, and would be delighted to design a coat of arms for your family. Each American president since George Washington has been presented with a coat of arms; during the last election the Peerage prepared designs for both Al Gore and President George W. Bush. Both may be viewed online. Those who aspire to a French or Scottish Noble Barony will find more information about how they can be acquired.

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War Years, 1938-1942

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared that the Munich Agreement of 1938 would "ensure peace in our time," but history's assessment of the pact has been otherwise. The agreement, wherein the United Kingdom, France, and Italy ceded the Sudetenland (the region of Czechoslovakia that bordered Germany) to Hitler, is now seen as the ultimate failure of the Allied forces to confront and arrest the rising Nazi power. Germany soon overran the rest of Czechoslovakia, and the Allies saw the error of their appeasement policy. At the Spartacus Educational Encyclopedia on World War II, learn more about the Allied response to the rise of Germany's Nazi government and the events that led to the Munich Agreement.

Museum of London Exhibitions: Remembering the Blitz
Between September 7 and November 2, 1940, German bombs fell daily on London. The air assault known as "The Blitz" continued until May 11, 1941. Over 20,000 people were killed and 1.4 million left homeless. This online exhibit from the Museum of London reflects on life in London during the Blitz. The site includes first-person text and audio accounts from the Museum's Oral History Archive and photographs grouped by topic: Anticipating; Staying Alive; Being Bombed; Changing World; Doing Your Bit; Keeping Positive; and Remembering.

"Put That Light Out," Childhood Memories of Wartime London
Patricia Hardy recalls life in wartime London from her perspective as an eight-year-old.

Operation Dynamo: The Mass Evacuation from Dunkirk
A two-pronged German advance down the Somme and through Belgium in May 1940 threatened to pin over 300,000 members of the British Expeditionary Force between Hitler's Army and the sea at Dunkirk in northern France. Only through the unlikeliest of rescue operations, the mobilization of nearly 850 naval and privately-owned civilian boats, were the vast majority of British and Allied forces stolen away to safety. The Battle of Britain Historical Society Online weaves first-person accounts and other primary sources into this chronology of events at Dunkirk.

The Battle of Britain - Introduction
Throughout the summer and fall of 1940, the Royal Air Force (RAF) Fighter Command and the German Luftwaffe fought for control of the air over southern England. Ultimately an important victory for Britain, it saved the country from German invasion. This online exhibit from the Imperial War Museum in London details the strategic and tactical situation, provides an overview of the conflict's phases, and information about the RAF Fighter Command and Luftwaffe. The Imperial War Museum Sound Archive has been interviewing veterans of the Battle of Britain for the past 25 years, and offers pilots' recollections.

The Battle of Britain -- Home Page
Another excellent resource on the Battle of Britain comes from the Royal Air Force (RAF) itself. For the first time, the RAF has published in full the daily Fighter Command Operational Diaries from July 10 to October 31, 1940. Find the Roll of Honour, listing the names of all 2,927 men who took part in the action, a photo gallery, biographies of the commanding officers, and a detailed briefing section on the causes and events of the Battle of Britain.

Mrs. Miniver
Geared towards educators, this site suggests a lesson plan around the Academy-Award winning 1942 movie, Mrs. Miniver, starring Greer Garson, Walter Pidgeon, and Teresa Wright. The movie illustrates the reaction of the British public to the German aerial bombardment during the Battle of Britain. Some helpful historical background information and discussion questions are provided.

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