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The Cazalets
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The Cazalets Cast and Credits

Cast | Production Credits | Web Credits


William (The Brig) Cazalet

Frederick Treves
Kitty (The Duchy) Cazalet

Ursula Howells
Hugh Cazalet

Hugh Bonneville
Edward Cazalet

Stephen Dillane
Rachel Cazalet

Catherine Russell
Rupert Cazalet

Paul Rhys
Sybil Cazalet

Anastasia Hille
Villy Cazalet

Lesley Manville
Zoe Cazalet

Joanna Page
Polly Cazalet

Claudia Renton
Louise Cazalet

Emma Griffths Malin
Clary Cazalet

Florence Hoath
Diana Mackintosh

Anna Chancellor

Penny Downie
Neville Cazalet

Alex Pownall
Lydia Cazalet

Francesca Wicks
Teddy Cazalet

Ben Simpson
Harry Tonbridge

Gregg Prentice
Mrs Tonbridge

Claire Hackett

John McArdle
Mrs Cripps

Jacqueline Tong

Rosie Ede

Tammy Mendelson
Miss Millament

Patsy Rowlands
Stella Rose

Katya Harvey
Otto Rose

Matthew Marsh
Mrs Rose

Cate Fowler
Aunt Anna

Eve Pearce

Lavinia Bertram
Dr Carr

Stephen Churchett
Jessica Castle

Jessica Turner
Christopher Castle

Nicholas Adsley

Amy Williams
Dr. Fletcher-King

John Rowe
Hermione Monkworth

Nicola Redmon
First Officer

Jasper Jacob
Second Officer

Laurence Kennedy
Woman at Dinner

Leslie O'Hara

Bob Barrett
Michael Hadleigh

Mark Bazeley
Lady Zinnia

Jane How

Joanne Monro

Mark Dexter
Miss Treeves

Georgina Anderson
Mrs Turner

Elizabeth McKochnie
Raymond Castle

James Aubrey
Mr Hines

Roger Sloman
Dr Bailey

Hugh Ross
Captain Dubois

Roger May

Berangere Allaux

Production Credits


Julian Knott

Anthony Combes
Director of Photography

Robin Vidgeon BSC
Line Producer

Alison Barnett
Sound Recordist

Terry Elms
Casting Director

Kate Rhodes James
Make-up/Hair Designer

Elaine Smith
Costume Designer

Frances Tempest
1st Assistant Director

Kevin Westley
2nd Assistant Director

Toby Hosking
Production Executive

Carol Hodge
Production Accountant

Nicky Coats
Assistant Production

Kate Cobbold
Script Supervisor

Janice Brackenbridge
3rd Assistant Directors

Lee Tailor
Iain Atkinson

Assistant Script Editor

Antonia Gordon
Production Co-ordinator

Dani Gordon
Assistant Production Co-ordinator

Liza Carmel
Production Runner

Ashley Jackman
Camera Operator

John Maskall
Focus Puller

Danny Shelmerdine
Clapper Loader

Berndt Wiese

Dickie Lee

Stephen Foster
Best Boy

Rick Loughlin

Lee Eldred
Gwilym Hoosonowen

Art Directors

Teresa Lawler
Roz Johnston

Construction Art Directors

Steve Wright
Sara Hawden

Assistant Art Director

Jo Aitchison
Property Master

Dickon Peschek
Property Buyer

Jean Mitchell
Standby Props

Darren Wisker
Rob Sellers

Dressing Props

Kevin Hegarty
David Brock

Construction Manager

Tony Hefferman
Studio Setting Supervisor

Paul Pitts
Construction Carpenter

Glen Henry
Construction Painters

Nobby Clark
Bob Weight

Special Effects Supervisor

Chris Lawson
Standby Rigger

Michael Redmond
Standby Carpenter

Malcolm Elliot
Standby Painter

Dean Hawley
Location Manager

David Boardman
Assistant Location Manager

Amy McCombe
Location Scout

Vicki Misson
Technical Location Scout

John Dines
Childrens Casting Directors

Pippa Hall
Abi Cohen

Costume Design Assistant

Shirley Nevin
Wardrobe Master

Richard Sale
Costume Assistants

Fiona McCann
Steven Paige
Tim Guthrie

Make-up Artists

Jackie Hodgson
Tapio Saimi
Kay Bilk
Angela Seyfang
Sally Anne Bragg

2nd Unit Director

Barry Ackroyd
Boom Operator

Richard Jupp

Pat Gavin
Assistant Editor

Dan Crinnion
Post Production Supervisor

Liz Pearson
Telecine Colourist

Dave Hawley
Dubbing Mixer

David Old
Dubbing Editors

Lee Chrichlow
Becki Ponting
Ben Norrington
Jan Cholawo

Unit Nurse

Millstream Nursing
Unit Drivers

Set Wheels
Post Production Secretary

Danielle Fox
Stand Ins

Barbara Lampshire
Andrew Barratt

Developed in association with Michael Wills.

Adapted from the novels The Light Years and Marking Time by Elizabeth Jane Howard. This drama was loosely inspired by the author's own family. All names used are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Verity Lambert

Joanna Lumley

Douglas Livingstone

Suri Krishnamma
Production Designer

John Asbridge
Executive Producer for WGBH

Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producers for BBC

Pippa Harris
Jane Tranter

The Cazalets is a BBC & WGBH Boston Coproduction in association with Cinema Verity, presented on PBS by WGBH Boston.

Masterpiece Theatre has been presented on PBS by WGBH for thirty-one years. Rebecca Eaton is executive producer. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Russell Baker is series host. The series is closed-captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers by The Caption Center at WGBH. A special narration track is added to the series by Descriptive Video Service® (DVS®), a service of WGBH to provide access to people who are blind or visually impaired. The DVS narration is available on the SAP channel of stereo TVs and VCRs.

WGBH is America's preeminent public broadcasting producer. More than one-third of PBS's prime-time lineup and companion Web content as well as many public radio favorites are produced by WGBH. The station is also a pioneer in educational multimedia and in access technologies for people with disabilities. For more information visit WGBH/Boston Online.

Cazalets Web credits

Senior Producer
Louise Weber

Tyler Howe

Molly Frey, Senior Developer
Michael McCrary, Developer

Caitlin O'Neil, Producer
Jessica Cavano, Research Assistant
Keith Wagner, Editorial Review

The WGBH Educational Foundation is the single largest producer of Web sites on PBS Online. WGBH Interactive creates Web sites, CD-ROMs and other multimedia projects that enhance the Foundation's broadcast and non-broadcast programs.

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