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Interview with the Filmmakers
Director Tom Hopper, producer Kate Harwood and screenwriter Deborah Moggach reveal how they brought Nancy Mitford's world to life.

"The most important theme is, quite simply, the pursuit of love," says director Tom Hooper. "That's what all three of these young women are trying to do -- find love. That provides the narrative thrust for the story. But it is also a very astute study of manners, mores, and family groups. It is very much an ensemble piece, and I think the characters who surround the girls are, in many ways, as important as they are."

The Mitford Sisters
They may not have seized the moral high ground, but they were never boring.

"As girls in the 1930s, Jessica and Unity shared a room. One end was decorated with Unity's fascist insignia of all kinds while at the other end Jessica displayed her Communist library, copies of the Daily Worker, and a small bust of Lenin. The rest of the family regarded this ideological war as an amusing childish game rather than a sign of the way in which the family would be divided in the future."

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