The Unseen Alistair Cooke Credits

Production Credits

Narration By
James Naughtie
The BBC Wishes to Thank
Nick Clarke
The Estate of Alistair Cooke
Jesus College, Cambridge
Howard Gotlieb Archive
Local History Center, Blackpool
Edwin C. Jordan
Kathleen Turner
Jeff Walden
Barbara Want
Ben Bulbeck
Liam Bannister
Kieran McLean
Jaroslaw Radon
American Folklife Center
British Film Institute
Cambridge University Archive
Clips & Footage
Footage Farm
Historic Films
ITN Source/British Pathe News
John Byrne Cooke
Leonard McCombe/Getty Images
Omnibus © RSA Venture, Renewed 1990
Licensed by Broad Reach Enterprises
Sesame Workshop (NY, NY)
Vin Mag Archive
Mike Robinson
Camera Assistant
Dominic Colchester
Additional Camera
Khalid Khan
Simon Pinkerton
Dubbing Mixer
Andrew Wilson
Dubbing Editor
Kate Hopkins
Online Editor
Daniel Blackman
Glenn Lewis
Production Coordinator
Jessica French
Production Manager
Kate Gorst
Archive Researcher
Carmen Locke
Assistant Producer
Matthew Thomas
Darren Flaxstone
Executive Producer
Michael Poole
Produced and Directed By
Rachel Jardine

BBC Productions Bristol



Senior Post Production Director
Erin Delaney
Business Manager
Deb Gibbs
Writer/Senior Editor
Kathleen Cahill
Office Coordinator
Duy Nguyen
Production Assistant
Tsering Yangzom
Online Editor
Spencer Gentry
Visual Effects/Sound Design
Paul Sanni
Series Graphics
Kyle Cooper
Series Theme
Man Made Music
Ellen Dockser
Olivia Wong
Senior Producer
Susanne Simpson
Senior Producer
Steven Ashley
Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton

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Web Credits for The Unseen Alistair Cooke: A Masterpiece Special

Executive Editor
Steven Ashley
Senior Producer
Bruce Kohl
Senior Designer
Sonali Patel
Web Production Designer
Jon Hayward
Senior Developer
Molly Frey
Senior Developer, Video Player
Ben Livermore
Associate Producer, Streaming
Marisa Nopakun
Thanks to
Jon Alper
Amy Stahl
Anna Fort
Susan Cooke Kittredge

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