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Growing up is hard to do. Although well worn, the path from childhood to adulthood remains rutted despite the feet that have gone before us. We emerge, in the end, with our own story to tell. At the same time, our stories are remarkably similar: a crazy mother, an empty bank account, an unforgiving landscape. Most are remembered; many are written down and shared. Masterpiece Theatre's host, Russell Baker, for example, recounted his own Virginia youth in his acclaimed memoir Growing Up.

These 10 memoirs of girlhood from around the globe are a testament to both the diversity and similarity of this rite of passage. Their relatives may be crazier, their governments crueler, or their settings more exotic, but we recognize the shape of their stories because they are our own.

Note: The books we've selected are only a sampling of the many engrossing coming-of-age tales on library and bookstore shelves. If we missed your favorite, let us know more about it in The Forum.

Essays + Interviews:
Memoirs of Girlhood | Jill Ker Conway | Production Notes

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