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Memoirs of girlhood: coming of age around the world
A survey of the very best from a revealing and inspiring genre.

...Reichl's self-discovery begins at her mother's table, laden with lavish bargain dinners of day-old (or worse) food. While she and her brother quickly learn to push food about their plates to avoid another bout of food poisoning, many guests find their visits curtailed by a trip to the hospital. Reichl finds safer food at her Aunt Birdie's, where she learns to make apple dumplings and other delicacies...

Jill Ker Conway : A life...
A biography.

...Unused to formal classes and playmates, Conway found the local public school rough going. The British manners and accent instilled by her parents provoked taunts and jeers. Her mother sensed her discomfort and quickly transferred her daughter to Abbotsleigh, a prestigious private girls' school, where Conway found intellectual challenge as well as social acceptance. There she first encountered the idea that "women could achieve."

Production notes: an interview with the producers
Rebecca Eaton of Masterpiece Theatre and Penny Chapman, former head of drama at the Australian Broadcasting Company, teamed up to bring a complex story to life.

"... Rebecca and I had a conversation with Jill over lunch in which she said, "I don't want you to make this into a story about man against the elements; that is way too simplistic." In The Road from Coorain she does pull back from an assertion of the heroic. But I think it's interesting that the story of her leaving this country is the story of a young woman who finally takes charge of her life -- and there's something of the heroic about that."

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