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Before Viewing: Discussion Questions and Activities

  1. How much does where you're from influence who you are? Research daily life in the Australian outback. (See Resources for Teachers and Students and check this site's Links and Bibliography section for more). What might life have been like there in the first half of the twentieth century? How would that lifestyle shape the people there? How might they be different from the kinds of people raised where and when you were raised?

  2. Ker Conway calls the world of her early childhood "idyllic." What do you think makes for a happy childhood? Do you think most people would agree on a similar definition? Why or why not? What film or literary portraits of truly happy childhoods can you think of?

  3. The Road from Coorain explores a theme common to many memoirs: the quest to separate oneself from the needs and expectations of one's family. Do you think that the process of growing up always means separating from your family in some way? Do you believe your family continues to influence you, even after you have grown up? If so, how?

  4. One of the most striking techniques the filmmakers use in The Road from Coorain is the motif (a recurrent image, phrase, or scene that becomes meaningful with repetition). While watching the film, keep a list of as many of these motifs as you notice.

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