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Using this Web Site

The following features will help you develop or enhance your teaching of The Road from Coorain.

Plot Summary
This overview provides a summary of the film.

About the Book
Brief facts about the memoir the film is based on.

Viewing Strategies
How to segment the 108-minute film into three parts for classroom viewing.

Before Viewing: Discussion Questions and Activities
Use these questions and activities to help students think about the film before they have viewed it.

After Viewing: Discussion Questions and Activities
Use these questions and activities to help students think about the film after they have viewed it.

From Memoir to Film
After watching the film and reading the book (or while reading the book), use these questions and activities to compare the written memoir with the film version and to investigate how different media affect how a story is told.

The Coming-of-Age Story: Discussion Questions and Activities
This section provides tips on Connecting The Road from Coorain to Your Curriculum. In addition to a list of themes through which to explore the coming-of-age story, accompanied by suggestions for writing exercises, The Coming-of-Age Comparison Chart and related Questions and Activities provides an opportunity for students to compare and contrast other coming-of-age stories. Suggestions for such stories can be found in Literary Links (Memoir and Autobiography, Fiction, and Films).

Resources for Teachers and Students
You may want to use these Web and print resources for further exploration of Australia, Jill Ker Conway, and the memoir.

Printed Teacher's Guides
Order a free copy of the Teacher's Guide to The Road from Coorain and get on our mailing list to receive upcoming teacher's guides to other Masterpiece Theatre productions.

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Teacher's Guide:
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