Masterpiece Web Credits

Executive Editor
Steven Ashley
Senior Producer
Bruce Kohl
Senior Developer
Molly Frey
Senior Designer
Jessica Sun Lee
Assistant Production Designer
Cassandra Sell
Associate Design Director
Kim Ducharme
Barrett Brountas
Sarah Grafman
Production Assistance/
Streaming Video
Anna Fort
Marisa Nopakun
Special Feature Developer
Kal Gieber
Flash Developer
Mike Etzel
Business Manager, Interactive
Amy Stahl
Thanks to:
Jon Alper
Jamie Biggar
Toby Bottorf
Jon Hayward
Ben Livermore
Dan Nolan
Sonali Patel

Masterpiece Television Credits

Executive Producer
Rebecca Eaton
Senior Producer
Steven Ashley
Senior Producer
Susanne Simpson
Senior Post Production Director
Erin Delaney
Writer/Senior Editor
Kathleen Cahill
Business Manager
Deb Gibbs
Post Production Co-ordinator
Tsering Yangzom
Post Production Assistant
Lisa Lokshin
Ellen Dockser
Olivia Wong
Online Editor
Spencer Gentry
Visual Effects/Sound Design
Paul Sanni
Series Theme
Man Made Music
Series Graphics
Prologue, Kyle Cooper

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