The Old Curiosity Shop
A Scholar's Perspective

In a Masterpiece video interview, Dickens scholar Tatiana Holway addresses Dickens's fourth novel The Old Curiosity Shop, the most popular of his works in his own time.

Holway illuminates the innocent and burdened character of Little Nell, the commonalities between Dickens and character Dick Swiveller, and the distinct differences between the novel and the film.

Note: This interview contains plot spoilers.

Tatiana Holway received her Ph.D. from Columbia University and taught literature at a number of different colleges. Her publications on Dickens include a Barnes and Noble Classics edition of Bleak House, with a new introduction and explanatory notes (2005), and, most recently, an essay entitled "Funny Money," in Contemporary Dickens, a collection edited by Eileen Gillooly and Deirdre David (2009). Currently, she is working on a book about Victorians' obsession with a giant tropical flower and how it inspired the engineering of the largest building in the world (forthcoming from Oxford University Press).

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